Find balance, peace and connection. Discover your full potential. Get the self-care that you deserve. Weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety, grief management, phobias and more can be addressed.




Intended to create that state of focused awareness, hypnosis has the ability to aid in creating new patterns and routines. This may just be the push you need to accomplish your desires.



 Find your potential. Using techniques for expanding perceptions and beliefs, personal coherence and identity will be found. Find out who and what you have yet to become.



Feel the transference of the universal life energy through this hands-on healing art. Reiki is perfect for the person needing to regain health or well-being, self-knowledge and self-confidence.


Life Coaching

Popular for individuals from all different walks of life, Life Coaching now applies to many different arenas including personal growth, spiritual growth, health, career, relationships, and more