What is Neuro Linguistics?

  • The study of subjective experience.
  • A coding and notational system for understanding and patterning subjective reality.
  • Techniques for expanding perceptions and beliefs and therefore,personal coherence and identity.
  • The art of modeling the form and sequence of internal states, internal computations, external behavior so that any known ability may be replicated and taught.
  •  An attitude of curiosity and respect for each ourselves, others andwho and what we have yet to become.

Within the field of psychology, there are dozens of theories of personality, which attempt to define and apply some semblance of order to individual behavior. Theories of personality assume that there is such a thing as
a generalized "healthy" human ideal that we are all supposed to be.

One problem with the various personality theories in psychology today is that each is inherently biased toward an ideal that shares basic criteria for "healthy" with the inventor of the theory. NLP, on the other hand, aspires to describe the nature of the unique subjective realities of every individual, both quantitatively and qualitatively. This approach is not only the most useful and accurate, but also the most respectful way we have of addressing the true "human potential" of every individual.