Life Coaching

The field of Life Coaching is a popular area of focus for individuals from all different walks of life. While this is a relatively new field of personal development, it is an amazing stage of evolution that has been used to form various models of goal formulation and goal achievement. Life Coaching now applies to many different arenas including personal growth, spiritual growth, health, career, relationships, and more. Neuro Linguistic based Life Coaches master the art of rapport and deeper levels of communications, breaking through barriers between company and client. In turn, this aids in resolving conflict, optimizing sales and marketing efforts, and working one-on-one with leaders to obtain real results. 

Life Coaching & Health

Health coaching is an especially effective way to help individuals manage their illnesses and conditions, specifically those of a chronic nature. Due to health care issues being a primary factor in the lives of many, more and more clients seek this type of coaching to assist in achieving health in a preventative manner. The Coach trained in Neuro Linguistics assists clients in finding mental/emotional root causes associated with health and well-being. These Coaches are skilled in helping clients achieve and maintain healthy wellness goals by re-associating unproductive habits or behaviors with new, more useful choices. 

Life Coaching & Relationships 

Relationship Coaches are useful in many contexts, including attracting a mate, romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships. A Relationship Coach directs and trains clients on various aspects of meeting and attracting long=term partners and meeting compatible prospects. To focus is on confident and congruent communication. Clients will learn to become empowered with a deep level of understanding body language. A Coach trained in Neuro Linguistics will strongly influence existic relationships, encouraging partners to become outcome-focused and more congruent about motives. By clearing out old fears and hurt, couples can find the freedom and security to move forward together toward healthy, desirable relations.